The dark knight rises wiki joker

The dark knight rises wiki joker

Meanwhile, Bane had kidnapped Fox, Tate, and Fredricks in order to turn on the bomb. It's eventually revealed that the Joker sees himself as an "agent of chaos" and comes to define himself by his conflict with Batman. You can almost imagine what he smells like. In the hospital, Dent was driven to madness over the loss of Rachel, and blamed Batman, Gordon and the Joker. Bale did insist on doing shots on the Batpod himself, but was prohibited by the team fearing his safety. While Two-Face confronts the corrupt cops and the mobsters one by one, flipping his coin to decide their fates, resulting in the cold-blooded murders of Wuertz and Maroni, the Joker declares on television that he will rule the streets and that anyone left in Gotham at nightfall will be subject to his rule. In particular, he cites Nolan's action choreography in the IMAX-tailored heist sequence as rivaling that of Heat

The dark knight rises wiki joker

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