The unbearable inevitability of batman and the joker

The unbearable inevitability of batman and the joker

Branden instructed his squad to neglect their other responsibilities in light of collecting the bounty, which also ensured that a majority of the police department would be too distracted with finding and killing Batman to prevent any of Joker's plans from coming to fruition. Joker had Calendar Man released from the Execution Chamber, set him loose, and believed that his love for torture and murder on the holidays was the perfect setup for Christmas Eve, which eventually lead to several deaths at Day's hands later that night. Meanwhile, the murder of Commissioner Loeb also prompted the hand of many second-rate gangs and mobs to overtake territory and begin wars with the other fractions for ultimate control while other gangs broke off their previous deals with the corrupt police force, and no longer trusted them with Loeb gone, and retaliated against their efforts to resume their deals. Baker , who was hired by Enigma, and who was later killed by him in order to further cover up his tracks. What do you think about that, fuck meat? When Batman proved himself to be his worthy rival and nemesis for years to come, the Joker became obsessed with occupying Batman's thoughts and proving to him first and foremost what he wanted to prove to the world:

The unbearable inevitability of batman and the joker

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