Barberry fun facts

Barberry fun facts

Patients of oxalate kidney stones condition should try avoid this vegetable. In fact, orthodox scientific research has by now identified antitumor activity of one sort or another in all but three of Hoxseys plants and two of these three are purgatives, one of them Rhamnus purshiana containing the anthraquinone glycoside structure now recognized as predictive of antitumor properties Kupchan, Two recent studies from the Orient, one Japanese, one Chinese, have established the presence of antitumor substances in barberry which Hoxsey also sometimes called berberis root. In , surveying the results of the plant screening program begun in by the Cancer Chemotherapy National Services Center at the NCI, Richard Spjut noted that the occurrence of activity was found to be higher in plants reported in folk literature than in plants collected at random, suggesting a correlation between plants used in folklore and those with anticancer activity Spjut, , Bile acids are released into the digestive processes to help break down the fats and oils in foods.

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