Funny cleverbot conversations yahoo

Funny cleverbot conversations yahoo

Anonymous Its hard to believe these stories all over the internet a buddy of mine has tried it so many times id say over a hundred times on his own, with people and out of his head on drink and drugs and he has never had an encounter with ant spirit and this fella loves all these kinda things, can any1 say they hav a story like this were they have tried it so many times and nothin hapened. Anonymous i believe in ghosts but i think this is utter garbage Tamela NO! They can lie and i'm sure they can follow you and hurt you too, But as long as you do the right things then your just fine. But I know it was real. Definitely not going to try it again and see. Scared me sooo bad!!

Funny cleverbot conversations yahoo

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Funny Cleverbot Conversation


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  1. I am truly keen of viewing comical movies at youtube, and this videos is actually so humorous, hehehhe.

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