Funny monkey trivia

Funny monkey trivia

Speedboats, jetskis, and sharks will be obstacles. Speak to Daero and begin the puzzle by clicking on the panel in the south-eastern region of the hangar, in front of the long pipe. Speak to Waydar to travel west onto the island. The archer monkeys do not shoot at players hiding in the grass, however, there is an open stretch of ground at the south-western corner of the temple, so Protect from Missiles must be switched on past the temple archway. Repel these beasts before all is lost. Be wary of aggressive level 14 jungle snakes , level 24 scorpions , and level 88 jungle spiders , all of whom are poisonous and use ranged attacks. For the dentures and mould, you must head to the U-shaped building in the southern side of the colony.

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Funny monkey trivia

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