Funny scrub caps

Funny scrub caps

Think about these sample elementary preliminary parts: It was months after I moved to western MA before I could really sleep in the pussified whisper of New England's wind-sound. Because tennis courts are for sun- and eye-reasons always laid lengthwise north-south, and because the land in Central Illinois rises very gently as one moves east toward Indiana and the subtle geologic summit that sends rivers doubled back against their own feeders somewhere in the east of that state, the court's forehand half, for a rightie facing north, always seems physically uphill from the backhand--at a tournament in Richmond IN, just over the Ohio line, I noticed the tilt was reversed. Dare we say, there's nothing wrong with a little booty. If music is his thing, how about a warm beanie with built-in Bluetooth headphones?

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Funny scrub caps

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