Kitchen fun with fauzia

Kitchen fun with fauzia

Campaigned against unlicensed remedies Dr Babu Shersad was a pillar of support for his wife in her battle to seek justice in the death of her father, former Indian minister of state for external affairs E Ahamed, that led to a controversy in India. The relatives said Dr Shersad will be laid to rest in Al Quoz cemetery this morning after his children arrive from abroad. His wife, Dr Fauzia Shersad, is the daughter of former Indian minister of state for external affairs E Ahamed, who passed away in February. He had run a campaign to raise awareness of the harmful effects of unregulated herbal remedies and sought a law to restrict the sale of unlicensed herbal products in the country in The family of medical practitioners had said that Ahamed was clinically dead after collapsing at a Parliament session while the doctors at the hospital where he was rushed to were claiming to take him for medical procedures.

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Keema Paratha Recipe


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Kitchen fun with fauzia

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