Funny laws in american states

Funny laws in american states

From Brian and Jacky. What about our freedom? Named for a local bakery that made amazing apple pies, it is the site of an annual Pie Festival , complete with a pie-baking contest, a pie-eating contest, and horned toad races. I personally have had the chance to see the evolution of this idea, which in many senses really started with this great gentleman—my husband, Lyndon LaRouche, who many decades ago—almost half a century ago—had the idea of a just new world economic order. A theory says it was named for an amusement park that used to be there but that was destroyed by a hurricane in the s, a decidedly unhappy story! Most sources say that it comes from a Native American word meaning "hard to pole," indicating the difficulty the Indians had poling their canoes up the river in the area. Police can seize property first and hold it pending trial, which could be four to six years later.

Funny laws in american states

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The Weirdest Laws In The U.S.

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