Funny tobacco tins

Funny tobacco tins

Latakia is the result of a curing process involving fire curing the leaves over controlled fires of aromatic woods and fragrant herbs. I was interested to see the Grangemouth festival system pictured on your site, it appears to have large horn loaded bass bins. The mystique of the Copicat really comes from a bit of bad engineering that went into it — I am not going to say what it was. God only knows how many watts they pumped out! Since Vitavox horns appeared to be used in some versions of the Festival stack perhaps there was a connection. Don't be disappointed by 'US only' offers ever again. Charlie told him "thanks very much but I will only put my system up in the air as long as you put the audience up there too" His reply has not been recorded!

Funny tobacco tins

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Tobacco Tin Ideas


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