Funny sms on engineers day

Funny sms on engineers day

Tumhari is adaa ka kya javab du, apne dost ko kya tohfa du, koi achcha sa gulab hota to mali se mangvata, par jo khud gulab hai usko gulab kya du… happy birth day It was a rainy day wen u were born. Funny profession jokes - Pilots Airplane is landing at the airport. Nearly every communication tool on the market today has some form of group messaging, from basic MMS support and iMessage on iOS, to message-based communication like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, even spreading to social platforms like Twitter and even Snapchat, so that you can communicate, message, and share the world around you with all of your friends at once. There is nothing fair in life. Birthday Message for Girlfriend: A very Happy Birthday to you.

Funny sms on engineers day

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