Monty pythons funniest joke in the world

Monty pythons funniest joke in the world

Are you just disinterested? Used to launch someone off a bridge. Looking straight into the camera, the Colonel orders that the show proceed to an animated segment, which it does. To call the film a parody of local news fails to capture how far out the comedy goes, as when rival news teams square off In Slate , Sam Anderson wrote, "Python was formed in reaction to exactly the kind of lazy comedy represented by Spamalot — what Michael Palin once described as the 'easy, catch-phrase reaction' the members had all been forced to pander in their previous writing jobs He maintains a rigidly mirthless personality and is always dressed in khaki British Army uniform. Like other Monty Python works, Flying Circus has a few moments for those who know other languages.

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Monty Python - The Funniest Joke In The World


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Monty pythons funniest joke in the world

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